Small Central Texas water company wrestles with big problem

(Photo by John Carroll)
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AXTELL, Texas (KWTX) Residents of the small rural community of Beaver Lake, next to Axtell, spent a 10th day without water Wednesday and face at least another 10 dry days.

They’re customers of a small water system run by Larry Moore for 34 years that shut down on New Year’s Day.

The Moore Water System of Beaver Lake serves 72 homes and more than 245 people.

Moore says a main pipe deep in the ground has a hole in it that allowed soot and unclean particles into the system, which broke the water pump.

Moore sent out a letter Wednesday to customers explaining the situation.

He says he expects service to be restored by Jan. 20, after which a boil order will be in place until tests confirm the water in the system is free of contaminants.

Some residents are angry with Moore, but not Jody Jenson.

"I mean I'm upset but not at him I mean stuff happens we just want to get it fixed."

"I just want to get our water back. I mean that's what everybody wants is just our water back," Jenson said.

Axtell High School has been helping residents out with water deliveries,

"The local school has done a lot holding a water drive for us and collected quite a lot of water and distributed it out into the community. Everybody's pitched in together and going along helping their neighbors right now we appreciate that a lot for trying to help as much as we can,” Moore said Wednesday.

Moore has been unable to afford the $30,000 it will cost to get the water company back up and running, but the owner of the BSR Cable Park which is right next to Beaver Lake has stepped in to help.

Stuart Parsons offered the company a $30,000 loan with no interest,

"I thought, you know, we'll make it work, so I committed to loaning him the money to getting it fixed so the community can have water,” he said.

Moore is grateful for the loan.

Parsons has also offered some of the affected residents who work for him, the use of his cabins’ bathrooms to bathe,

"He asked me if I needed to come to come on over and I could use one of the cabins to shower," Green said.

Residents can pick up free cases of water at the water company.