Sparks continue to fly over local library’s Gay Pride Month display

Supporters and opponents of the library's display gathered outside before the meeting. (Photos by Marco Revuelta)
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Sparks continued to fly Tuesday over a Gay Pride Month display in June 2017 at the Temple Library that included LGBT information, discussion points and definitions.

About 100 people turned out Tuesday morning for a meeting of the Temple Library Board as city officials formulate a policy on displays at the library.

The group Concerned Christian Citizens opposes displays such as the one in June 2017.

“They are telling our children the values that they ought to hold instead of the ones we're teaching them at home so that crosses the line from neutrality into promotion and advocacy and we don't want them to do that again,” the group’s president, Joe Goodson said Tuesday.

Others argue that the library should not be censored in presenting information about such issues.

“They are claiming that we are advocating a position, we're not. The library, which is public institution has the duty to inform the public,” William Rosenberg said.

State Rep. Hugh Shine, R-Temple weighed in on the issue in a statement Tuesday.

He said if he were on the Temple City Council, he would have insisted on immediate removal of the LBGTQ display.

“I do not support the display, which is contrary to Central Texas' foundation of faith and family,” he said.

“I understand the City of Temple is developing a policy initiative that will address this issue. My hopes are that the policy will reflect the Christian principles, values, and virtues of our community and permanently prevent such displays in the future."