Storm damages local wounded wildlife refuge, some birds escape

COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) The storm that produced an EF-2 tornado in Copperas Cove that damaged nearly 200 homes also damaged a refuge for wounded wildlife, allowing five birds to escape.

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

The storm ripped off gates and leveled or blew away enclosures at the Save A Pet Refuge.

"These birds inspire our youth and the next generation to continue doing what we're doing- that's why it's so important that we find these bird," Brittany Weimert said.

The owners of the refuge were away when the storm hit and spent the night looking for the birds.

They were able to find two of them.

But three, including a crested caracara, which is an ambassador for school visits, were still missing at the start of the day.

"If we aren't able to find him before a predator does, it's going to be a huge hit to our children," Weimert said.

Also missing is a red-faced eastern screech owl with one eye that was due to have surgery soon.

A turkey vulture that escaped turned up while the KWTX crew was at the refuge.

The elusive teenage bird named Juvi can’t fly, but Weimert said it can run rather quickly.

He was captured, given a quick kiss on the head and carried home.