Stray bullet struck 7-year-old as he slept in car

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WITI/CNN) - A 7-year-old boy in Milwaukee is in critical condition, fighting for his life after getting hit by a stray bullet.

Kamirion was asleep inside a car Thursday when shots rang out. (Source: WITI/CNN)

Kamirion was asleep inside a car Thursday when shots rang out.

“It hurts. I didn’t think it would ever be me,” Kamirion’s father Kenneth Smith said.

For Smith, the emotion is raw.

"He's a good kid. He called me every day. He likes to play," Smith explained.

The life a child is supposed to live has been put on hold as he fights to heal.

"He just got out of surgery. He's doing good but not that good. He's not responding to nothing right now," Smith said.

He said Kamirion was at a barbecue with his mother near 5th and Concordia Thursday night.

"He was tired so she put him in the car to go to sleep," Smith said.

Police say someone in the area began shooting. Bullets pierced the car Kamirion was in and one struck him.

"It went in on the left and it's right here on the right," Smith demonstrated.

The boy's mother drove him to the hospital.

“Why?” Smith asked. ”My son didn’t do anything but sleep in a car. That’s all he did.”

Detectives combed the area, looking for anything that will lead them to the shooter.

"I got all type of mixed up feelings right now, Smith said. ”One minute, the guy who did this, I want to get him. Then the next minute, it's like should I forgive him?"

Kamirion has undergone several surgeries and could need more.

Milwaukee police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger.

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