Super Senior overcomes hearing, vision impairments to excel

David Yarbrough. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)
David Yarbrough. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)(KWTX)
Published: May. 22, 2019 at 6:20 PM CDT
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Temple High School graduating senior David Yarbrough have overcome major hearing and vision impairments on his way to fulfilling a dream of someday running a construction company.

He relies on technology such as his phone to get him through the day, typing out what he wants to say, and zooming in on text from others.

His vision problems began in first grade; he can see things up close, but those that are far away.

He began to develop hearing problems in the third grade.

"The words don't come in right. I just can't seem to figure out the sounds." Yarbrough explains.

Ten years later his mother says doctors still don’t know what caused the hearing and vision problems.

But he doesn't let them hold him back.

He plans to go to college and learn about construction and management, eventually at Texas State University.

After that, he wants to run a construction company someday, build his own house and build hotels.

His passion for construction surfaced when he was 14 and started working for his stepfather’s construction company.

"I like helping with the building, mixing concrete and sheet rock and plastic for the sheet rock." Yarbrough says.

His teaching aide, Erroll Blake, says Yarbrough always advocated for himself which makes her confident he'll succeed at the next level.

"I have no worries that when he leaves Temple High School that he's going to do well." Blake said.

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