Fire set by car theft suspect kills 7 dogs, causes heavy damage

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)
(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)(KWTX)
Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 12:37 PM CDT
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A fire set by a man who fled into a Killeen woman’s home after leading police on a chase in a stolen vehicle killed seven dogs and a hamster and caused extensive damage to the house.

Firefighters were able to rescue a snake and a cat from the home in the 500 block of Goodnight Drive.

The woman, a former animal control officer who asked not to be identified, and her teenage grandson were home when the man ran into the house.

She said she didn’t see the man, but her 15-year-old grandson said the suspect drank some water, ate some candy and made no move to stop him when he left the home.

Police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at around 9:05 a.m. Thursday on Stewart Street.

They found the vehicle with a man in it and ordered him to get out, but instead he sped off, leading officers on a chase that ended when the stolen vehicle crashed into a car and a motorcycle several blocks away.

The man ran to the west and ducked into the house on Goodnight Drive,

Officers requested a SWAT team and ordered the man to come out, but he refused and set the fire, which produced visible flames.

He surrendered 15 minutes later, at around 10:55 a.m.

No injuries were reported, but the fire did cause extensive damage to the house.

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