Temple: Memorial held for homeless advocate

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Songs of praise and heartfelt memories filled the air Saturday at West Avenue G and South Third Street in Temple as hundreds gathered to honor the late Jim Hornsby.

Hornsby was an advocate for the homeless in the Temple community, and the director of the non-profits "Feed my Sheep" and "Churches Touching Lives for Christ."

Hornsby died on June 30 after a long battle with an illness.

“As I turned around today, and saw all the rows full of people, it was just so humbling because this is exactly what being a servant was supposed to be like,” said Brandi Bakker, Hornsby’s daughter.

Bakker stated previously in an interview with KWTX that she didn’t know the impact her father had on Temple and Bell County until she saw the scores of people that visited him in the weeks prior to his death.

After seeing everyone share a meal together following the memorial service, she fully realized her father's dream.

“This is why he worked so hard,” said Bakker. “He wanted the community to come together, and he wanted us to break down the walls, and become one. And that was what he lived for.

That is what he sought after all these years. Was for us to just come together and love one another.”

Despite being sick, Hornsby wanted to make sure the dream and the vision continued, and although Hornsby has passed, his memories and work will live on.

“I sat with him,” said Staci Masson, Interim Director of Feed my Sheep. “I would work up here in the mornings and I would go sit with him in the evenings and he just poured in to me how things should look.

What the vision, the full vision was. How he saw that happening. Who he was trying to help and how.”