Teague: City judge resigns in scathing letter

Source: MGN
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TEAGUE, Texas (KWTX) In a scathing letter of resignation, the municipal judge for the City of Teague has stepped down.

Shirley Mays officially submitted her letter of resignation Thursday to Teague Mayor James Monks.

“I will not be micromanaged anymore,” Mays said in the letter. “I am tired of being questioned on everything I do. I have followed the law to the best of my ability and I have taken several oaths in my lifetime and I take them very seriously. I have never been treated with so much mistrust. There is no reason for me to be there anymore, the City Attorney makes all the decision.”

The resignation was effective immediately.

Mays has been with the city for 18 years.

She is currently Freestone County’s Justice of the Peace for Pct. 4.