Teague: New food truck fee has vendors threatening to leave town

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 10:22 PM CST
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This week the city of Teague informed food truck owners that they'll be required to pay a daily fee of $25 if they want to sell inside the city.

The new city ordinance came as surprise to many of the vendors, including Melissa Goolsby who owns Gooroo's Wood Fire Pizza.

"People look forward to us every week here... with this new fee we won't be able to continue selling in Teague," she says.

Goolsby and her husband travel around the area, selling in areas where they are required to pay yearly or quarterly permits, but not daily.

"We setup here four times a month, every month, that adds up to a lot of money," says Goolsby.

Prior to this fee, there was no city permit necessary to be able to sell.

"We saw it was appropriate to have a fee for food trucks set because some of those trucks were coming in from other areas," says Teague City Administrator Theresa Prasil.

Prasil says she and other city officials called around to several other towns in the area to see what their daily charge was for food truck permits.

They found most cost between $20-$40 for daily permits, however they didn't ask about annual or quarterly options.

"We were not aware or had not even considered at the time of having a quarterly maybe an annual fee," says Prasil.

"Those options would be more beneficial for those vendors that come more frequent than just once every few months," she said.

KWTX reached out to both Mexia and Franklin and asked what their food truck permit options are.

Mexia says they have a $100 annual fee or a $40 3-day permit.

Franklin says they have a $150 annual fee or a $25 daily permit.

Prasil says that the quarterly and annual permit fee options have been added to their agenda for the next town hall meeting, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday the 21st at 6 pm.

"We just want what is best for the Teague community... we don't want to force the food trucks out," says Prasil.

Goolsby says she is hopeful that something will change in the upcoming meeting.

"If you want to charge us a vendor fee we don't have a problem paying the fee, but it needs to be a reasonable fee," says Goolsby.

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