'Super Senior' born without arms beating odds, planning big future

Published: May. 24, 2019 at 6:25 PM CDT
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Copperas Cove High School graduating senior Devin Hardy has had to beat the odds his entire life.

Hardy was born without arms. His mom says doctors also diagnosed him with Klippel-Feil syndrome at birth.

But, as he's proven, life is all about how you make it.

"Live it to your fullest. Don't let other people hold you back,” the 18-year-old said.

From the soccer field to hitting the gridiron during football season, he has done it all in high school with one goal.

"Just to be like everyone else and not make other teams want to go easy on me,” Hardy said.

Have you seen him swim?

He’s been swimming since he was a little boy, as he says, letting his body float and not letting anything stop him.

"Instead of twisting my neck to twist my whole body, I can still a breath while still swimming at the same time. That's one of the techniques I learned during swimming class,” he said.

Learning at a young age that life would be different, eating, taking a shower and writing all done with his feet.

At school, he had a desk made just for him.

"You knew you had the odds and were determined to beat them?” KWTX asked.

“Yep,” he responded.

After he walks across the stage this weekend, he'll be headed to Central Texas College to pursue a degree in video game design.

"Excited and nervous at the same time. Excited to be out of high school but once you're out of high school; it's boom…the real life,” Hardy said.

The teen out of Copperas Cove with a mission to change the world. For that, he's truly a 'Super Senior.'

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