Temple: Library board adopts new display policy

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) The Temple Library Board has a new policy on what can be put on display in the library after a seasonal display about LGBTQ pride month sparked controversy last summer.

(Photo by Alex Cano)

Since then the library has been discussing a new policy for what can and cannot be displayed.

On Monday morning the board approved one.

"The displays can be anything from a July 4th display to others in the fall. We might do a fall gardening display so they are going to be topical they won't political I think we made that clear,” said Leigh Gardner, the library’s director.

The new guidelines left more questions than answers for those who either oppose or support the display.

“There is not enough definitive information or definitions in the draft,” Pastor Brandon Hall said.

"We're coming up on June will there be another LGBT display during pride month? Or won't there? I think it will be very telling if there is nothing displayed" says Irene Andrews.

When asked if a pride month display would be put up in June, the answer was unclear.

"That would be something we would have to discuss what the content is but we wouldn't put an LGBT display because that might fall under for some people a cause, but if we wanted to display our materials again we would let people know,” Gardner said.