Temple: Scott & White NICU now a level four facility

(Photo by Alex Cano)
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) The Scott & White Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is now a level four facility.

The staff was surprised by the announcement from administrators Wednesday morning.

The unit takes care of newborns who are fragile and require immediate care.

The designation is made by the Department of Health and Services.

Staff members says they have been working hard to reach that level.
In the state of Texas, it’s the 12th unit with that ranking.

Nurses say they hope to expand their facility in the future.

"Eventually we'll have a tower up across the street at the children’s hospital but we'll always need to be here and take care of all the babies we see in Central Texas” nurse, Arica Smith said.

The unit cared for more than 900 infants in 2017.

The staff is expecting that number will be higher in 2018.