Temple: Water supply exceeds limits for trihalomethanes

Published: Mar. 31, 2016 at 6:13 PM CDT
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The City of Temple is notifying residents that its drinking water exceeds maximum levels for trihalomethanes, which are a byproduct of the chlorine used to disinfect the water and naturally occurring organic loads in the water.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency set a maximum contaminant level of 0.080 mg per liter based on a running annual average.

Temple’s levels over the last six months have ranged from 0.093 to 0.105.

Consumption of water containing trihalomethanes in excess of the limit for a period of many years could lead to liver, kidney, or central nervous systems problems and an increased risk of cancer for some people.

The city is taking steps to address the issue.

The safety of our drinking water is always a primary focus and at no time has our water been unsafe to drink,” said Temple Public Works Director, Nicole Torralva.