Temple: Mall business owner finds success in creativity

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 7:13 PM CDT
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The Temple Mall is currently operating at 75% capacity, customers trickle through on a Friday afternoon, but, Robert Brandenburg, the man behind four of the malls’ local businesses, says he has a secret to mall success.

Brandenburg’s mall ventures began in 2012 when he opened a piecing kiosk.

Fast forward almost eight years later and that kiosk named, Under My Skin, has turned into Temple’s first body piercing studio, and three other businesses have opened including Peggy’s Coffee House, Candy and More and Big Top Pretzels.

“For me and my businesses have done well we've seen them grow we seem to be able to take a business that didn't do so well just sitting around waiting for people to show up and turn it around.” Brandenburg said.

To find that success, he had to go beyond the old way of thinking when it came to running a business in the mall.

“The thing that folks that have been in the mall for a while kind of wonder where the traffic is gone and why its slowed down and they just expect people to just come walking in and as we know people are now shopping online and socializing online that is that is what the mall once was for.” he explained.

Using creativity and movie themes, he brings people into his stores to do more than just buy the product.

“We have an avengers theme going on right now, we have replicas from different films of the last 10 years in the Marvel universe.” Brandenburg said. “It allows people to come in and take pictures with those props, have a good time. We've done Harry Potter themes to match our butter beer when there were Harry Potter based films that came out. We've had a survivor tryouts right here.”

He then uses the promotional themes to encourage shoppers to visit more than one store in the mall.

“By making a purchase at each location they could redeem that for free butter beer at Peggy's.” Brandenburg said.

A change in thinking, for a changing consumer, to bring businesses together, and keep malls alive.

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