Temple: City votes to amend animal code, allow miniature swine as pets

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) - The city of Temple voted to amend its chapter on animal and fowl Thursday, in an ordinance that also allows the keeping of miniature pigs in city limits, with restrictions.

Miniature swine are defined in the ordinance as any breed of swine weighing 150 pounds or less at full maturity, which is around the age of five.

Miniature pigs would be allowed within city limits if the owner annually obtains a permit, is kept indoors, has no more than two swine per household, are not kept at a business, are sterilized and are not bred.

Areas where swine are kept must be clean, and the pigs must be vaccinated against erysipeias annually.

The amendments also brought other animal codes in compliance with state law, and made the chapter easier to read and understand.

The miniature pig conversation began at the start of the month, with residents and local veterinarians voicing opinions to council in recent weeks.

The ordinance inevitably passed Thursday, with council agreeing to revisit the issue if problems should occur.