Temple: Historic buildings up for auction

In The Mood Ballroom owner, Karen Keith Goshen is retiring and auctioning off her two historic downtown Temple buildings. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) In The Mood Ballroom owner, Karen Keith Goshen is retiring and auctioning off her two historic downtown Temple buildings.

The auction is scheduled for April 25, but the date may change, or it may be moved all online, depending on COVID-19 shutdown guidelines.

Goshen bought the property at 13 South Main St. in 1999 to open the ballroom.

For the last 21 years she has hosted events and dance classes downtown.

"I've done tons of rentals here for weddings and birthdays and anniversaries," Goshen said.

But with the decision to retire, the studio held its last class at the beginning of March, where long time dancers were sad to see it close.

"Finally I decided I'm ready to slow things down simplify a little bit," Goshen said.

Her and her husband live in the apartment above the ballroom and are auctioning a lot of their own personal items as well.

The two are downsizing to travel and relax more.

She says she spent a lot of time trying to control what the space would become, but came to terms with the fact that she treated it well for the last two decades, and is ready to move on.

The auction format was appealing to her because an interested buyer would need to commit the day of, saving her the drawn out process of listing the property on the market and negotiating with a potential buyer.

Over the last four years, she says she's seen downtown Temple explode with new business.

"It’s a good prime time for someone else to take over and move forward with it" Goshen said, "Temple is growing leaps and bounds and I hope someone buys our venue to make it into something beautiful and special for downtown."

In a perfect world, she hopes whoever buys the buildings will keep them as a ballroom and dance studio, but says her worst nightmare would be seeing them turn into office space.

"I could see a real nice upscale restaurant, maybe with the stage and small dance floor," she said. "The space itself is such a phenomenal space it has so many wonderful options of what can be done with it."

Though she's happy to retire, she is also sad to walk away from the family of dancers that have called her studio home for years.

G.A. Whitehead started dancing at the studio in the early 2000's and actually met his wife at In The Mood Ballroom.

"I was very shy and Karen got me to open up and dance and my wife was shy too and she got her to dance and that's how we met," Whitehead said.

The two have been married for 17 years.

Paul Smith has been dancing with Karen for four years, and says taking up dancing has helped with health problems he had.

"The studio is a second home. We all check our baggage at the door and have become a family," Smith said.