Temple: Students work alongside high school athletic trainers

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) March is National Athletic Training Month.

(Photo by Tianna Jenkins)

Athletic trainers are being recognized across the country for all the hard work they do and so are their student trainers.

The theme this year is Compassionate Care for All.

Students at Temple High School dedicate their time and work alongside athletic trainers to ensure the safety of student athletes.

Windee Skrabanek is an athletic trainer at the high school.

She says the student athletic training program was started in 2004 and it has grown ever since.

Skrabanek says the students play a big role in making sure student athletes have the best care.

“They are the ones that do our basic first aid at the practices during all practices for any sport and they provide hydration,” Skrabanek said.

“It’s just different things they are able to do that we can’t always be there to have our hands on that they take care of for us.

The school is nationally recognized as a safe sport school.

Skrabanek says it’s another way for students to get involved.

Lorna Davis is another athletic trainer at the school.

She says the knowledge and skills the students receive prepares them for future careers and how to react in an emergency situation.

“We also get them CPR and AED certified. So not only does that help when they are with us and with their sports, but when they are at home or at the mall,” Davis said.

“If something were to happen in the community they are able to help and they know what they are supposed to do in that situation.”

Students in the program say it has helped them gain life lessons and also a sense of a place where they belong.

Ciondra Howard is a fourth year student.

She says she loves it when March rolls around it makes her feel proud.

“Most of the stuff we do goes unnoticed. People don’t really notice us until they actually need us,” Howard said.

“But this athletic training month it just gives us the recognition.”