Texas Catholic leaders name 286 accused of abusing minors, 8 local priests identified

Priest during mass at church, Photo Date: August 20, 2018 / Photo: Pixabay / (MGN)
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DALLAS (AP) Catholic leaders in Texas have identified 286 priests and others accused of sexually abusing children, a number that represents one of the largest collection of names to be released since an explosive grand jury report last year in Pennsylvania.

Fourteen dioceses in Texas on Thursday named those credibly accused of abuse. The only diocese not to provide names, Fort Worth, did so more than a decade ago.

Locally, eights priests from the Austin Diocese were named. They worked in parishes across the area, including Waco, Temple, Killeen, West and Gatesville.

Five of the accused priests are alive, the other three have died.

There are only a handful of states where every diocese has released names and most of them have only one or two.

The move by Texas church leaders follows a shocking Pennsylvania report in August detailing seven decades of child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests.

In the months after that report, about 50 dioceses and religious provinces released the names of nearly 1,250 priests.

Below is a list of the eight priests with Central Texas ties and their current status with the church:

Ricardo Aguilar

Rogers – St. Matthew
Temple – Our Lady of Guadalupe
Current Status: Laicized
Born: 1959
Ordination: 1995
Removal from Ministry: 2011
Laicization: 2017

Daniel Joseph Delaney

Lampasas – St. Mary
Born: 1946
Ordination: 1973
Death: 2008

James Gallagher

Gatesville – Our Lady of Lourdes
Hamilton – St. Thomas
Born: 1932
Diaconate Ordination: 1984
Death: 2005

James H. Greenwell

Cameron – Blessed Sacrament
Marlin – Santa Maria del Pilar
Marlin – St. Joseph
Temple – Our Lady of Guadalupe
Waco – Sacred Heart
Waco – St. Francis
Waco – VA Hospital (Chaplain)
Born: 1924
Ordination: 1954
Death: 2012

Michael Francis Krol

Hamilton – St. Thomas
San Saba – St. Mary
Born: 1919
Ordination: 1945
Death: 1996

James R. O'Connor

Bellmead – St. Joseph
Hamilton – St. Thomas
Hearne – St. Mary
Jarrell – Holy Trinity
Taylor – St. Mary
Temple – St. Mary
Waco – St. Joseph (In Residence)
Waco – St. Mary, of the Assumption
West – St. Mary, of the Assumption
Born: 1942
Ordination: 1969
Removal from Ministry: 2004
Laicization: 2018

Rafael Rendon Ozuna

Killeen – St. Joseph
Temple – Our Lady of Guadalupe
Born: 1944
Diaconate Ordination: 2007
Removal from Ministry: 2010
Laicization: 2013

Longinus Juventius Reyes (a/k/a Lonnie)

Waco – St. Louis
Current Status: Removed from Ministry, Retired
Born: 1942
Ordination: 1969
Removal from Ministry: 2004
Retirement: 2004