Texas U.S. Senate candidates visit Waco for fundraiser

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Democratic candidates for the upcoming U.S. senate race were in Waco this weekend, meeting and greeting at the 2nd Annual Richards/Jackson Fundraising Dinner.

Fresh off the Democratic Presidential Candidate debate, some of the candidates shared their thoughts on issues including gun control and a voting movement taking place in Texas.

"I think Texas was ready to turn blue in the last presidential election," says candidate Michael Cooper.

Cooper's thought were shared by many within the party after Beto O'Rourke came just 2.6 % of the vote away from beating incumbent Ted Cruz last year.

"We right now have republicans shaking in their boots because Texas got within 2.6 percentage points of flipping," says candidate Cristina Tzintzun-Ramirez.

"Absolutely we do believe that a progressive campaign can turn Texas blue," says candidate Sema Hernandez.

While the party agreed on the blue movement across Texas, something they didn't agree upon was gun control.

Every candidate says they are for more strict gun control, but many had different views on the assault rifle buybacks.

Some agree, "absolutely it has worked in other countries it’ll work here," says candidate Chris Bell.

Others say mandatory is a bit too far fetched, and that it should start with voluntary.

"I’m okay with buy backs but I would think that it would have to voluntary. I think the mandatory thing takes it too far," says candidate Adrian Ocegueda.

They all agree that something needs to change.

"We need comprehensive gun control safety from Congress, from the President, and voters," says candidate MJ Hegar.

Hegar a military veteran suggesting others should be involved in the conversation.

"As a combat vet and a responsible gun owner myself, I think we need more responsible gun owners in the conversation," she says.

This and more topics are sure to heat up as we move towards the 2020 election.