Thousands of area students witness a moment in sports history

Two of the young fans who witnessed Juicy Landrum's record-breaking performance.  (Courtesy photo)
Two of the young fans who witnessed Juicy Landrum's record-breaking performance. (Courtesy photo)(KWTX)
Published: Dec. 19, 2019 at 3:01 PM CST
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When Baylor Lady Bear Juicy Landrum set an NCAA record Wednesday for the most three-pointers ever scored in a game, fans raised the roof of the Ferrell Center and more than 6,500 area school age kids who were given tickets to the game for I’m Going to College Day were witnesses to sports history.

Landrum hit 14 three-point shots and when she made the 14th with 2:01 left in the Bears 111-43 victory over Arkansas State, the noise level in the area “reached a jet-plane level of 131.7 decibels,” according to Baylor’s game recap.

That sound was amplified by 245 kindergartners from La Vega Primary School as Landrum, a 2016 La Vega High School graduate, made her mark.

“We just kept saying to the kids ‘hey she went to La Vega,’” school counselor Carrie Featherston, who helped chaperone the kids, said.

“We would tell all the kids ‘she’s just like y’all.’ They got real excited every time she got a three-pointer and they would stand up and clap and cheer which ended up being a lot,” she said.

The senior guard also had eight rebounds and seven assists.

Kindergarten teacher Paula Lynch said it was an experience the young children will never forget.

“It was such an exciting experience to go to the Ferrell Center to watch Juicy break her record and all my kids be able to experience that and being from La Vega, I think it’s neat that they can put themselves in that position and they can visualize themselves being that player one day. “

And the kids definitely took note.

“She shooted it a lot of times and she did good and everybody was cheering for her and she is really good basketball player,” one young girl said.

A student named Ariel added, “I want to be a basketball player like Juicy.”

“I love Juicy. She scored a lot of points. Go Juicy,” a young boy said.

This was the first big game many of the children had ever experienced.

“They just got so excited and would jump up and down and clap,” Featherston said.

“Sometimes they were screaming ‘Go Pirates’ instead of ‘Go Bears,’” she said, laughing.

And Featherston says Landrum is as good off the court.

“She’s just a good role model,” Featherston said. “A great role model for our kids.”

Landrum helped La Vega High School to three-consecutive state championship appearances from 2014-16 and the school retired her No. 5 jersey.

Also on the team for the kids to cheer on Wednesday was La Vega product Erin DeGrate

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