Coyotes in your yard? There are ways to keep them out

Photo Courtesy of Project Coyote - Kyle Keegan
Photo Courtesy of Project Coyote - Kyle Keegan(KWTX)
Published: Feb. 16, 2020 at 11:05 AM CST
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With the rapid expansion of Central Texas urban and rural development, the range of city life and wild life are starting to collide.

Texas Parks and Wildlife reports coyote sightings holds the distinction of, “most commonly encountered large predator in the United States."

Kelly Conrad Simon, an urban wildlife biologist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says, “The coyote is an incredibly adaptable animal, and seems to be able to find suitable habitat whether they’re in the Panhandle or the center of Houston.”

Some people may be alarmed by this encounter causing a fear for the safety of pets and children.

The Project Coyote organization says, “Urban landscapes offer an abundance of food, water or shelter for coyotes.”

The organization offered these tips to support a co-existence by helping you prevent coyotes from being attracted to your home.

• Wildlife-proof garbage in sturdy containers with tight fitting lids.

• Don’t leave pet food outside.

• Take out trash the morning pick up is scheduled.

• Keep compost in secure containers.

• Keep fallen fruit off the ground. Coyotes eat fruit.

• Keep birdseed off the ground; seeds attract rodents which then attract coyotes. Remove feeders if coyotes are seen in your yard.

• Keep barbecue grills clean.

• Eliminate accessible water sources.

• Clear away brush and dense weeds near buildings.

• Close off crawl spaces under decks and around buildings where coyotes may den.

• If you frequently see a coyote in your yard, make loud noises with pots, pans, or air horns, and haze the coyote with a water hose.

• Share this list with your neighbors; coexistence is a neighborhood effort.