Train derails near Central Texas high school

(Photo by Christopher Shadrock)
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A train carrying two cars derailed late Sunday and could cause travel delays for people during Monday morning’s rush hour.

The derailment happened just before midnight on Mars Drive near Midway High School.

Waco police said the cars, carrying corn syrup, derailed after they went past their designated spot, caused a prevention-sensor to trip and caused the cars to overturn.

An officer on the scene said the trains did not leak any of its contents.

Though the cars did not block traffic on Mars Drive, Waco police placed barricades between Texas Central Parkway and Panther Run.

Those had been removed by late Monday morning.

According to Waco police, a crane will be brought in to place the cars back on the track, but that is not expected to occur until after 9 a.m. Monday.

There could be some delays, and police advise drivers to use alternative routes.