Trial of West explosion suits canceled after some issues settled

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WEST, Texas (KWTX) A trial set in 170th District Court next week involving lawsuits over the West fertilizer explosion has been canceled after several issues in the case were settled.

Waco attorney Steve Harrison, who has spearheaded the group of lawyers involved in the more than 200 lawsuits filed over the April 17, 2013 catastrophe that left 15 dead and scores injured, said several issues that would have been decided in trial were worked out, forcing the judge to re-set the trial date after it’s determined which plaintiffs and which defendants would be involved.

“Some plaintiffs have settled with some defendants in the trial group and those settlements have forced the judge to re-set trial,” Harrison said.

Harrison said Judge Jim Meyer will re-set the lawsuit for April, sometime within 90 days.

Harrison said his clients, the City of West and West Resthaven Nursing Home, arrived at partial settlements, but still have active unsettled issues to present in trial.

The settlements also involved several individuals, Harrison said.

All of the details of each settlement are protected by the court and not disclosed.

Harrison said the West City Council approved the settlement but asked that the details be sealed.

Defendants that remain in the pending action include CF Industries and all their associated companies, El Dorado Chemical and their affiliates, International Chemical Company and Adair Grain.

More than 150 of the 200 cases originally filed have been settled.