Trio of local 11-year-olds charged in their school's burglary

(Whitney PD photo)
(Whitney PD photo)(KWTX)
Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 10:21 PM CST
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Three eleven-year-olds are in trouble after their school in Hill County was burglarized.

"This is the first one we've had here in Whitney in the ten years I've been here where our suspects were this young," said Whitney Police Chief Chris Bentley.

Whitney Intermediate School was hit around 5pm Sunday evening, according to police who say they received the initial report of a burglary around 6am Monday.

Police said surveillance footage showed three students breaking into the district's maintenance facility, then the adjacent school.

Bentley says they trashed the building and spray-painted male genitalia and other offensive symbols on the maintenance vehicles to the point it's made them unusable.

"Everything thrown on the floor, cell phones broken, portable radios broken, a lot of stuff written on the vehicles, so the vehicles could not be driven any longer, and the computer system - so the district was not able to create work orders, they had to go back to a manual system just to get maintenance done today," Bentley said Monday afternoon.

Bentley said the students got into the maintenance building through a window, then after trashing the place, used keys they found in there to get into the school where iPads and other small electronics were stolen.

The students, who are all in the same class, were taken out of class and to the police station around noon to meet their parents and be questioned.

"Each one of the parents told me that last night, when their kiddos came in, there was something either secretive about them or something that made them wonder," said Bentley. "One parent even told me 'I was not surprised when you called me today.'"

All the items were recovered from the students’ homes, Bentely said.

The students were transported to the Limestone County Juvenile Detention Center in Groesbeck.

They're facing charges including burglary and criminal mischief of government property.

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning in Hill County.

In total, the damages amounted to about $20,000, Bentley said.

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