Two prison inmates charged in Central Texas woman’s fiery 2006 death

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Two Waco men, both already serving lengthy prison sentences, were charged Tuesday with capital murder relating to an arson that also involved a woman’s death.

Gloria Campos Viera, 64, died in June 2006 in a house fire.

Tony Wayne Swinnie, 46, and Gerald Wayne Brown, 60, both were served with capital murder warrants on Tuesday in connection with Viera’s death, a spokesman for the Waco police department said.

Swinnie was arrested for the arson and murder in 2007, one day short of the one-year anniversary of the crime, but was not indicted until last week.

Brown had never been arrested in the crime.

But he was in state custody after having an earlier parole revoked in an arson case and was serving a 40-year sentence when he was served.

Swinnie subsequently was found guilty of assaulting a 62-year-old woman outside a local liquor store while her grandchildren watched and was sentenced to life behind bars.

Then later he was found guilty of an assault in Dallas County and received a second life sentence.

Viera died when her home at 516 N. 16th Street, in Waco, burned.

Autopsy results following her death showed she died of blunt force trauma, so investigators believe the fire was set to cover the murder.