Two local prom-goers arrive on the red carpet to cheers and tears

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WOODWAY, Texas (KWTX) Two Midway High School juniors with unique life challenges arrived together on the red carpet to cheers and tears at a prom no one will soon forget.

Ben Ullman and Kendall Krause arrive at the prom. (Courtesy photo)

Ben Ullman has cerebral palsy and Kendall Krause has the neurogenetic disorder Aicardi syndrome, but on Saturday night they dressed up and went to the dance just like all their classmates, except with a little extra fanfare.

“Everybody was lining both sides of the red carpet and they stood up and clapped and yelled for them,” said Kendall’s mother, Kirsten.

“It seemed like everybody there knew their names. There were lot of tears flowing from many, many people.”

Kendall and Ben have been friends since they were both 3, but the prom over the weekend was their first official date.

The date came after an elaborate “promposal” from Ben who enlisted the help of the Midway High School choir for the big ask.

Ben asked his choir teacher and fellow students to help him ask Kendall by singing a special song and presenting her with a heart with photos of the two.

Ben’s mother Ashley Ballew says he always knew who he was going to ask to prom.

“He really enjoys music and choir and so we really thought that would be a great way to ask Kendall,” Ballew told KWTX.

She of course said yes and last Saturday evening the pair enjoyed the Great Gatsby themed party in the Midway High School Cafeteria before calling it a night around 9:30 p.m.

“When something like this does happen it just overwhelms your heart and makes you so happy that they can be just a typical teenager,” Ballew said.

But this may not be the last date in the future for the lifelong friends.
Kendall’s mother says there is already talks of a repeat for their senior year.

“No doubt about it,” she said.

“It is a Cinderella story.”