Waco: Suspects in carjacking at local lake indicted

Kwame Davis (left) and Kyhrek Holder. (Jail photos)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Two of the five people arrested after a carjacking in June at a park at Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir that led to an unusual chase during which shots were fired and then a manhunt have been indicted on two counts of aggravated robbery.

Kwame Davis, 17, and Kyhrek Holder, 23, were indicted Wednesday.

They both remain in the McLennan County Jail where Davis is held in lieu of bonds totaling $105,000 and Holder is held in lieu of bonds totaling $100,000.

They and three teenage girls were arrested on June 4 after McLennan County deputies mounted a search both on the ground and from the air for the five following the carjacking at TP&L Park No. 2.

Investigators determined that the five suspects drove to the lake in a stolen car, carjacked a fisherman’s vehicle, and then sped off in the two vehicles.

The fisherman, meanwhile, got into a third vehicle and pursued the thieves.

During the chase, shots were fired from inside the first car, in which the five suspects drove to the lake, some of which hit the fisherman’s stolen car, although authorities think they were intended for the third vehicle in which fisherman was giving chase.

Eventually all five suspects abandoned the two vehicles they’d stolen.

Deputies arrested two teenage girls shortly after arriving at the scene.

They later found Davis and a 15-year-old girl in a field.

Holder was found about two hours later in a field a half mile away.