Video of snake hanging around at local bar and music venue goes viral

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Video captured over the weekend shows how staff at the Backyard Waco dealt with an unwanted guest.

A frame grab from the video.

Maria Ochoa recorded the encounter as two men worked to get a snake that was tangled up in a ceiling fan.

After spotting the snake, customers and employees debated whether the reptile was real.

“They said ‘No, it's real. It's real.’ So I grabbed my mother's cane and I kind of poked it, and it moved a little. The body. And they said ‘No, it's just rubber, you're just moving it.’ Then I poked it again and the head moved,” Ochoa said.

After that two men tried to corral the snake.

The video shows the guys trying to determine what to do.

Every time the snake moves, you can hear women scream and other men yelling for the staff members to “grab its head.”

One of the two men eventually did that and got bitten in the hand in the process, but Ochoa said he was OK.

The snake, which was not venomous, was released after it was captured, Ochoa said.