Waco ISD distributes at-home learning kits

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) About 15,000 Waco ISD students now have a learning kit at home, with assignments and activities to last them through April 3.

"If you mention someone, they have probably had a hand in pulling this of," said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Waco ISD.

At Lake Air Montessori teachers were able to speak words of encouragement as the packets were picked up.

"We miss you. We love you. Just keep learning keep working, and we'll be back together soon," said Stephanie Tankersley, Lake Air Montessori principal.

Teachers also gave parents advice, assuring them they'll be able to help answer any questions over the next couple of weeks.

Their message to those parents, "Just jump in and try. Don't be afraid or feel you need to be perfect."

Right now, all the required work can be done without technology. That may change in the future. Waco ISD will be surveying what devices their students have access to.

Waco ISD feels good about how they are equipping their students for the next couple of weeks, and are thankful for all that have made this possible.