Waco: Wedding venue honors commitments after tenant issue

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A landlord-tenant dispute at the Deerfield Estates in Waco has put brides' and grooms’ special day plans into question.

Deerfield Estates who is owned by Brazos Barns LLC opened back in May of 2017, at that time the group leased out the property to tenant who would handle the wedding events held on property.

Now nearly two years later Brazos Barns has terminated that lease due to the tenant owing Brazos Barns LLC nearly $60,000.

Andrew Taylor one of five members with Brazos Barns the agreement was successful in the beginning but late last summer things began to change when she was late with rent.

“As one month turned into two or three, they became very clear that she had no plans of paying us back and was on a ride that she felt was free.”

In documents obtained by KWTX the planner admitted being late on rent and owing Brazos Barns the money, and by January her lease was terminated. Taylor says they plan to file a civil law suit in the coming days against the tenant.

As for what she left behind several weddings, but it is something Deerfield is ready for.

“Just taking each case as it comes talking with them figuring it out what works the best for them some of them there is no issues some of them, they go exactly what was promised and we are able to deliver that and for every single one of them the date is absolutely set you get your venue.”

Calls to the planner were not returned.

Deerfield Estates says those who have an event planned and haven’t contacted the venue since late November to call to make sure they are still on the books.