Waco: Books and beer on the menu at new downtown café

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A new independent bookstore is about to open its doors in a well-known building in downtown Waco, offering a chance to shop local, connect, and have a bite to eat or a beer while doing it.

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“We really we want to fill the gap that's in Waco,” said co-owner Kimberly Batson.

“Waco doesn't have an independent bookstore that's selling new books that's community driven and really represents Waco. So, we want to step into that place and offer the community something that is going to be really special.”

Batson is opening The Fabled Book Shop and Café on South 4th Street in downtown Waco in the building with the well-known green and gold “Waco Town” painted on the side.

She said the store will have 20 to 30-thousand different book choices and will offer customers a different experience than shopping online.

“We really want to bring back the nostalgia that comes with reading and going into a book shop and not only finding the book you were looking for, but three others that you weren't even looking for and then creating a space to savor those purchases and linger and enjoy and connect with other people,” Batson said.

And the reading experience won’t be all the store offers. Batson says the 7,500 square feet will also include a café with coffee, wine and beer on tap.

“We're also going to have a cafe that sells beer, wine and coffee, and some food items,” Batson said.

“Then we'll have an event space. So you can rent it for birthday parties, meetings, art shows, anything.”

The owners hope to have the store opened by spring or early summer and couldn’t be more excited about the location and what’s to come.

“We really wanted to be in the heart of Waco and downtown is just becoming that more and more,” Batson said. “And we love the building we're in with the “Waco Town” mural that's so iconic.

“We love downtown and we love what's happening. We're excited.”