Waco: Construction slows I-35 traffic

(Photo by Bill Gowdy)

WACO, Texas (KWTX) The AAA is predicting near record-breaking Texas travelers will hit the states roads and highways to kick off the Memorial Day Vacation weekend.

The new construction zone on Interstate 35 through downtown Waco has shut down travel to two lanes on each side for several miles slowing down holiday travel to a crawl.

"As we approach Waco and see that there's a big stack up we're about to head east and get away from 35 for a while," Brendon Anthony of Austin said during a stop at Bucee's Friday afternoon in Temple.

U.S. Army Warrant Officer Jeff Parker had just passed through Waco and said it was a huge problem.

"It was definitely rough it was frustrating to say the least," he said.

"Well once we passed through there it really bottled up. Basically the larger vehicles kind of slow all the traffic down with the construction because they're wide loads and they have a hard time getting through."

"I mean there's just not enough infrastructure to keep up with the growth that we've had around Central Texas and so any given time your three hour commute can turn into a five hour commute so you have to plan ahead for it," he said..

Other travelers have opted to trust their GPS or travel Apps to help them go around Waco.

"I mean I'm just kind of going to trust the GPS. Sometimes Google takes me on a different route to get around the traffic so I'm hoping that by the time I get there (Waco) it will have learned something from everybody else's traffic, maybe I can get around it," says Austin traveler William Hamilton.