Waco: Crews plug potholes

(Photo by Ke'Sha Lopez)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) By lunchtime Wednesday City of Waco street crews had filled nearly two dozen potholes.

Last week crews tackled 26 potholes and they say the rain is to blame.

Stress on the street over time with traffic combined with weather are a recipe for disaster.

"Whether it be hot, which we've had extreme hot weather recently, and cold weather earlier in the year, then when you get an excessive amount of rain like we saw over the weekend, that's going to find voids in the driving surface and it's going to cause the pothole where the asphalt literally just pops out of the street,” Assistant Director of Public Works Herb Blomquist said.

He said crews are working as fast as they can to fill the holes to avoid complaints from residents and safety hazards for drivers.

Drivers can report potholes through the city's website or by call the public works dispatch.

If you think your vehicle has sustained damage resulting from a pothole, you can always file a claim with the city.

To report a pothole call (254) 722-4050

Damage reports may be submitted online.

The rain isn't just wreaking havoc on roads, it's also doing a number on roofs.

Grassroots Community Development said the recent weather has shown residents they have leaks in their homes.

That's why the staff has extended the deadline to apply for the roof repair program.

The organization hopes to repair between 20 and 30 roofs for people in need but can't afford to fix it themselves.

The group hopes to knock them out with about $5,000 apiece.

Residents may apply online.