Waco: Experts, educators talk teen suicide

(Photo by Bill Gowdy)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Teen suicides are rising in Central Texas and educators and experts met this week to talk about better ways to prevent them, rather than dealing with the aftermath.

Educators and mental health professionals held a suicide prevention symposium in Waco this week at the Region 12 Service Center.

Jeni Janek, one of the facilitators of the event, says there are key signs for parents to watch for when teens are in trouble.

"If there are extremes in behavior or there's just something that doesn't seem right it's definitely worth having that that conversation to ask ‘are you OK? Is something going on?’ You may even have to ask if they've had thoughts of harming themselves or thought about suicide...reach out for that help that the parents in turn can turn to the school and the mental health providers that are in the community, so that they can get that teen the help they need."

The Region 12 Service Center has hosted the event for the past 14 years.