Waco: Giant shrouded structure will eventually be a new water tower

(Photo by Daniel Hamilton)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A giant structure, covered by a light orange shroud in West Waco will eventually be a new 2-million-gallon water tower, replacing one on the same site that was razed last fall.

"It's going to change the skyline and the landscape here and that's pretty exciting,” City of Waco Utilities spokesman Jonathan Echols says.

“What we're looking at right here is the tank is wrapped around the pedestal and it's shrouded right now for the painting that's going on underneath, they're painting,” Echol says.

Once the tank is painted, the shroud will be removed and cranes will be used to hoist the tank onto the pedestal.

Workers dismantled the 60-year-old tower on the site last October.

"First and foremost the tower had to be replaced. So since we were spending the money to replace it which again was going to be cheaper than repairing the old one we went ahead and added more capacity just for growth."

The demolition of the old and the construction of the new tower cost the city 3.3 million dollars

"What we had was roughly 60 years old and probably the most noticeable tank that we had in terms of how many people see it every day, so the new tower will accomplish just what we need."