Waco: Letter from cardiology practice leaves patients confused

A letter from a Waco cardiology practice has left at least a few patients confused. (MGN/file)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A letter from Waco Cardiology Associates to patients left at least a few confused.

The letter seems to suggest that patients who go to Waco’s Baylor Scott & White Medical Center for cardiac diagnostic procedures may need to be transferred to another facility such as Ascension Providence Hospital in Waco or Scott & White Medical Center in Temple if they need coronary bypass or open heart surgery.

The same letter, however, says the practice’s doctors will continue to care for patients who choose to go to Hillcrest, although it also suggests Hillcrest lacks “24-hour cardiothoracic surgery coverage,” which Hillcrest says is not true.

"Our commitment to meeting the medical needs of all our patients in the Waco area is strong and unchanged,” Hillcrest said in a statement Tuesday.

“We remain staffed to provide emergency and elective cardiac care 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including interventional procedures, outpatient care and emergent and elective cardiothoracic surgical procedures.”

“Upon learning about the misinformation in these letters, we immediately contacted the authors to request corrective action,” Hillcrest said.

The practice has a meeting next week with Hillcrest officials, Dr. Donald S. Cross said Tuesday evening.

He said the letter was sent not to frighten patients, but to keep them informed.

“We’ve been serving the Waco community for over 50 years and we all just want the best for the city.”