Waco: Robert Griffin III pitches in to help injured firefighter

Published: Jun. 28, 2017 at 5:38 PM CDT
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Robert Griffin III has now joined the community-wide effort to help build a home for a paralyzed Waco firefighter.

“I’m happy to give back to another one of our heroes,” Griffin told KWTX.

The RG3 Foundation, started by Baylor’s only Heisman-winning quarterback, quietly made the $3,000 contribution toward the effort to build a home for Garth Goodwin, who was paralyzed May 10 after falling from a billboard while working off duty in McGregor.

Wes Waller of UBI Products, who’s helping organize the project, said the quarterback contacted his group after hearing Goodwin’s story and received a check this week.

“It was a huge honor to receive a call from the RG3 Foundation to make a donation to fill any gaps we might have along the way,” Waller said.

“It shows that the same community that support him will always have his support.”

Griffin said it’s a cause he wanted to support because of Goodwin’s job in protecting the Waco community for 17-years.

“Garth put his life on the line for our safety as a firefighter so I feel it’s our duty as citizens that benefited from his bravery to make sure he is taken care of in the best possible way after this terrible accident,” Griffin said when contacted about the donation.

Griffin will be joining fellow grads Chip and Joanna Gaines as the latest celebrity to hop on board helping Goodwin.

Just last week the stars of the wildly popular "Fixer Upper" agreed to pick up the last big ticket item, the lumber.

The home for Garth Goodwin won’t be the first time the celebrity pals have teamed up. Griffin’s foundation and the Gaines' appeared on an episode of “Fixer Upper” in January to repair the home of a local veteran.

Waller says more than a hundred local businesses and contractors have stepped up to build the veteran’s new home on family land in Moody.

They’re hoping to break ground in early July.

Meanwhile, Griffin was released back in March from the Cleveland Browns and is training while looking for another NFL team.