Waco: Shelter needs foster homes for about 20 animals

(Photo by Ke'Sha Lopez)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The Humane Society of Central Texas and the Waco Animal Services Department put out a call last week asking for residents to foster animals while one of the shelter’s facilities is renovated.

Over the weekend, volunteers said loads of people stepped up and the animals that weren't fostered found space in another building on site.

However, Monday, officials said, some people returned the orphaned animals.

Danielle Tate, Waco Animal Services, said the weekend stormy weather was to blame.

"This Monday morning has been a little crazy. The storms have brought out the anxiety in the dogs and we had a couple of them brought back from our foster homes because of the anxiety. The people didn't know how to handle them."

Tate said the shelter still needs about 20 more pet parents to step up and take these animals for about a week.

Both puppies and kittens need temporary homes.

The Humane Society is also looking for more foster parents to hold onto some animals that were part of a rescue.

Those animals need temporary homes until July 11 when they’ll be moved to another facility.

Renovations on the intake shelter started Monday and work is expected to wrap up on Friday.