Waco: Zoo’s Gibbon Lake to be drained

The lake will be drained so the source of the leads can be identified. (Zoo photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Gibbon Lake at Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo will be drained over the next several days after springing a leak.

The lake, in which Lemur Island and Gibbon Island rest, ,is home to several local fish and turtle species, which staff members will net as water levels drop.

The lemurs and gibbons will be kept in their night house and won’t be on exhibit while repairs are made on one or more cracks that have formed in the lake.

“There is a 60-inch water diversion line that runs under the lake and a pump station that catches water and pumps it back into the lake. Recently the pumps have not been able to keep the levels of the lake up to the parameters needed to provide natural barriers for the Lemur and Gibbon islands,” the zoo said in a press release Monday.

The pumps will be turned off to allow the lake to drain, which will make it possible to identify from where the water is leaking.