Waco: Baylor LBGTQ students form off-campus club, seek recognition

The students are seeking official Baylor recognition for the Gamma Alpha Upsilon or GAY club. (Photo by Bill Gowdy)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A group of LBGTQ students at Baylor University has formed an off-campus organization and is seeking official university recognition.

Elizabeth Benton, a junior secondary education major and third generation Baylor student, is president of the newly-formed Gamma Alpha Upsilon or GAY Club.

“I’m in this, I'm in at 100 percent to be able to walk around campus wearing a GAY shirt that says Gamma Alpha Upsilon and just kind of tell people ‘hey this is a community that’s here.’”

Anna Conner of Houston, a psychology and PT major, is also part of the group.

She says she interprets scripture differently from those at the university.

"I grew up in the church I heard all those arguments from people telling me to change and I did my own research and I looked into it and I kind of came up to a different conclusion interpreted differently I grew up in the Protestant belief that you can interpret the Bible however you want."

The GAY group is taking its message to the public hoping Baylor will consider giving the club official recognition and allow it to advertise.

Longtime Waco Pastor Ramiro Pena, a Baylor graduate and former member of the Baylor University Board of Regents says as a private school, Baylor has the right govern based on Christian values.

"Baylor is a Christian university and…choosing to inform its policy by orthodox Christian traditions is not wrong."

"I don't think this policy will change I don't think it should change I think being informed by the biblical tradition is a very good thing on the landscape of higher education today," he said.

A university spokesperson said Baylor is aware of the conversations about the issue on campus, but had no further comment.