Waco: Cameron Park Zoo celebrates orangutan’s birthday

WACO, TEXAS (KWTX) Cameron Park Zoo guests and staff celebrated baby orangutan Razak’s 2nd birthday Saturday afternoon.

Several guests gathered to participate in Razak’s Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

Razak and his mother Mei were given a special birthday cake to enjoy and their habitat was decorated with streamers and toys.

Primate Keeper Laura Klutts said his birthday is very special to the zoo.

“His birthday is actually a pretty big deal their actually the first great ape that's endangered to go extinct and you only get a baby once every 8 to 9 years so we like to celebrate that,” Klutts said.

Klutts said for Razak’s birthday she hopes people donate to support orphaned orangutans in the wild.

“We’re raising money for a milk drive to see how many orphan babies we can provide formula too,” Klutts said.

A five dollar donations can provide a baby with three bottles of formula.

To donate visit the Cameron Park Zoo website.