Waco: Council votes to purchase body cameras for police officers

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The Waco City Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of police body cameras for the department’s officers Tuesday evening.


The city will enter into an agreement with Axon Enterprises, which will provide equipment, data storage, maintenance and software.

According to the council’s agenda, the city won't spend any more than $635,570.00 during fiscal year 2017 -18 for the cameras.

Police Chief Ryan Holt said getting to this part of the process took the department about two and a half years.

The chief said seven companies bid to be the provider for the city.

Holt said officers will undergo mandatory training and he hopes to have the cameras in the field by August.

Neighboring Hewitt began using police body cameras in June 2017.

Dist. 4 Waco City Councilman Dillon Meek supported the purchase.

"It's going to protect the police officers against potential accusations and false accusations lodged against them but it also will protect the public. It will allow transparency and hold the police accountable,” he said.

Noey Meza, a board member of the Centex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said he thinks the cameras should have been purchased sooner.

"First of all, I think it's taken too long to get this done and then, it's really going to protect our policemen,” he said.

"The way this world is going, we need the body cameras on these police officers just for their protection."