Waco: High school student gets help in his ‘Promposal’ to best friend

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Since they became friends 14 years ago, Kendall Krause and Ben Ullman have always been close.

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That friendship grew closer after an elaborate “Promposal” was pulled off by Ben on Thursday.

Heading into their junior year at Midway High School, Ben’s mother Ashley Ballew says he always knew who he was going to ask to prom.

“He really enjoys music and choir and so we really thought that would be a great way to ask Kendall,” says Ballew.

Ben asked his choir teacher and fellow students to help ask Kendall by singing a special song and presenting her with a heart with photos of the two.

“It was very moving we needed lots of Kleenex and I can watch the video every day,” says Kirsten Krause mother of Kendall.

Ben who has cerebral palsy and Kendall who has Aicardi syndrome, weren’t going to let anything stop them from showing their love.

“When something like this does happen it just overwhelms your heart and makes you so happy that they can be just a typical teenager,” says Ballew.

The mothers say they are counting down the days until May 4 when the two best friends will attend prom together.