Waco: Student facing criminal charges after starting fire in restroom

A Waco High School allegedly set a roll of toilet paper on fire inside a restroom. The school district said the student will face criminal charges.

WACO, Texas A Waco High School student will face criminal charges after setting a roll of toilet paper on fire in a restroom.

The school was placed on what the Waco ISD called a "brief hold" as a result of the incident.

The school district said the fire was contained to a toilet paper holder in a bathroom stall and was extinguished quickly.

Since the fire and smoke were contained to the restroom, the fire alarms did not go off and the building was not evacuated.

The district said students were "briefly delayed from transitioning between periods."

"While our students and staff were not in any danger, we still take this incident seriously. The student who started the fire will face criminal charges and other disciplinary consequences," the district said.