Waco: Metropolitan Planning Organization holds public information meeting

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Public meetings over the 2020 to 2021 fiscal year budget for the Waco MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) were held Monday.

The MPO says its goal for the upcoming year, and future years, is to improve active transportation across the Waco area.

Active transportation being routes such as sidewalks and bike paths, that allow residents to move through the city easier.

MPO discussed a desire to eventually do a joint study with Waco Transit over where money needs to be put by late 2020.

People who use active transportation routes such as Peter Kulaba say they want to see sidewalk safety increase,

"I would want to make it possible for me to walk with my children all the time," says Kulaba.

"There are places I go take walks that it might not be that safe (for children to walk with me)."

A public hearing and policy adoption over the budget will take place July 18 at the Waco Transit Center at 301 South 8th Street.