Waco: More lights to be added to I-35 construction project

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The I-35 Bridge Lighting Committee is planning on adding more lights to the highway after the Interstate 35 construction project is completed.

“We have plans to include more light fixtures on the underpasses of University Parks Drive, 4th and 5th street and 11th and 12th streets,” City of Waco Traffic Engineer Christine Miller said.

“It will be a different system but similar in scope and we look forward to continue that at the near end of the I-35 construction project."

Miller said the I-35 construction project should not affect the current lights on the I-35 Brazos River bridge.

Miller is the mastermind behind the I-35 bridge lights.

Since its inception in 2015 Miller has been in charge of programming the light shows for the bridge.

Miller sits on the I-35 Bridge Lighting Committee, which consists of representatives from the city council, the Texas Department of Transportation and Baylor University.

The committee decides what color the bridge lights will be on a given day.

The bridge is currently lit every night from dusk to dawn.

Light colors are changed for Baylor games and holidays, but Waco residents can request for the lights to be changed by emailing Christine Miller at christinem@wacotx.gov with their request and reason for the requested change.

Miller said the committee does not approve all requests.

She said normally the requests that are approved are inclusive to the community such as awareness months and community-wide events.

Miller said controlling the bridge lights is simple.

She creates the light show through a program on her laptop, and then takes it to a controller onsite, uploads it and she’s done.