Waco: Developer pulls plan to build road after residents voice concerns

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Homeowners from the Western Ridge Estates off of Chapel Road are upset after a developer is proposing a new road that'll run through their neighborhood.

"Nobody in this development ever foresaw anything like this happening," says David Anderson a homeowner who organized a meeting to protest the road being built.

The road is being proposed by Cornerstone Group development, which has received Waco City Council approval to build the townhouse community behind Western Ridge Estates.

They submitted a new plan, one with an entrance road going through the neighborhood.

"The streets aren’t wide enough," says Anderson.

"If there is a car on both sides of the street you have to take turns."

Waco City Council pulled the request for the change at the request of the developer.

He told council he was surprised at the backlash he received and he was going to continue with the plan previously approved.

On Sept. 24, a Plan Commission meeting was held discussing the new plan.

A city official says the commission voted against the building of the road, meaning that a super majority vote on Tuesday night in favor of the road would be necessary.

Without the super majority vote, then the plan will go back to how it was presented originally, without the additional entrance going through Western Ridge Estates.

KWTX reached out to the developer for a comment, but calls were not returned.