Waco: No Limitations program hopes for a home of its own

Waco’s No Limitations program has doubled in size over the past five years and is in the early stages of finding a permanent home. (Staff photo)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) No Limitations, an organization formed five years ago to provide access to sports and other activities for the special needs community in Central Texas has doubled in size, now serving more than 130 families, and is in the early stages of finding a permanent home.

Supporters are looking into doing fundraisers and are open to any ideas people may have so they can build a facility, founder Colleen Heaton says.

“A community has grown,” she said.

“It’s not what I have done. It’s seeing the need there and offering an outlet and moms and dads have come together. It’s not just sports, its building a life," Heaton said.

No Limitations mom Julie Potts says the goal is to build a handicap-accessible facility that everyone in the special needs community can call home.

“Many times our families are left with changing their adult children on the floor of bathrooms or going out to their cars and putting their seats down or what have you to do so to be able to have a facility that will accommodate everyone’s needs, that is wheelchair accessible would just be amazing,” Potts said.

No Limitations partners with the sports training facility D1 Waco for football and cheerleading activities every Saturday during the season and Heaton says with the help of D1 is expanding the program to College Station.

“D1 trains athletes and they legitimatized our program and our individuals as athletes and they recognize them publicly and that brings us to a different level,” Heaton said.