Waco: Police Dept. needs dispatchers

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) The Waco Police Department is looking to hire one police dispatcher immediately and two more in the coming weeks.

The call for help comes as the 40-person dispatch staff racks up overtime because of an increase in workload.

The department averages 500,000 calls a year and summertime is the busiest season, said TJ Rhudy, the department’s emergency communications manager.

It takes mental toughness to be able to handle the tough calls and get first responders on the streets the necessary information in order to keep Waco safe.

The pay starts around $31,000, but Rhudy said the biggest benefit is making a difference.

“You get to help people when they are probably having their most horrific day,” Rhudy said.

“Then sometimes you get the calls that are sometimes not the biggest emergency but you can still be there to help that person get a resolution to whatever is going on.”