Waco: Police look for young men who drove stolen car into home

(Photo by Rissa Shaw)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Waco police are looking for two young men who drove a stolen car into someone's home.

The vehicle was inside the master bedroom when officers arrived to the scene at the 1000 block of Faulkner Ln. and JJ Flewellen Rd. before 6 p.m. Monday.

According to Waco PD spokesman Garen Bynum, the impact knocked over a man inside, but no injuries were reported including from the young men who fled.

The gray 2006 Honda Accord they were in was towed-off with extensive front-end damage.

No drug paraphernalia was removed from the vehicle, Bynum said, but the crash report noted that cigar wrappers were found inside it.

The vehicle had an Arizona license plate; police say the owner, a college student, didn't know it was missing when they contacted him.

A speed limit sign feet way from the home is 30mph and there's school zone signage across the street.

The rental house was boarded up Tuesday and debris strewn throughout the yard.

No arrests had been made as of Tuesday night.